Reviews of and Stories about ‘UgLish’


My book (Read the forward here) generated a lot of interest, controversy and curiosity in local, international and social media when I first released it. Enjoy these reviews and stories and tell me what you think by emailing me on,  or reaching me on twitter @BernardSabiti

Where to buy the book

  • In Uganda: Uganda Museum, Uganda Bookshop, Makerere University Bookshop, Aristoc Booklex, Bean Cafe in Bunga, Banana Village in Entebbe, Entebbe International Airport. Price sh30,000,
  • If you live outside Uganda, you can  order the book online 

1. The Daily Monitor, Uganda:Book Review: Unlocking Ugandan Version of English“: “…This book, …. Will leave you in stitches…”

2. The Guardian, UK:Do you speak Uglish? How English has evolved in Uganda.” A whole chapter of the book is dedicated to signs showing the misuse of English, in what could be perfect Buzzfeed fodder. Mishaps like these can be amusing but it poses a more serious question: should Ugandans be proud of a language that combines local with global? Or does a perceived slip in standards have broader implications?”

4. Global Press Journal: ‘For Better or Worse, ‘Uglish’ Dialect is Transforming English in Uganda’

3: NPR, The United States:Don’t Bench That Dentist: A Guide to Ugandan English” “…even educated Ugandans who deplore Uglish use it themselves, sometimes without realizing…Uganda’s competitive advantage in the global economy is that it’s an English-speaking country. Uglish is both poetry and a threat”

4. This Is Africa:Our English is not wrong: Reading Bernard Sabiiti’s UgLish Dictionary” “Bernard Sabiiti is arguably the first author to write a somewhat comprehensive book on Ugandan English. He deserves credit for the effort. He however shouldn’t castigate Ugandans for ‘Bastardizing’ the English language in their use of   pidgin Ugandan English, which is as legitimate as British English, Nigerian English, American English or Kenyan English”

5. Radio France International (RFI English):What happens when you mix English with Local Ugandan Dialects

6. BBC Focus on Africa Radio:Uganda gets it’s first Ugandan English Dictionary

7. AFP: “Spewing Buffaloes: Understanding Uganda’s ‘Uglish'”

8. Voice Of America, Learning English: ‘Uglish gets its own dictionary in Uganda’

9: Jay Media, Uganda:A Chart With Bernard Sabiti, Author of Uglish

10. CCTV Africa Live: “Uglish, a Ugandan Variant of English, takes root”

11. Google Books:

12: Finally: Inaugural piece on launch

13: ‘Decoded’: Introductory article to the book

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