The Cover

Get it in most Ugandan Bookstores. Aristoc Booklex, Uganda Bookshop (Opp Communications House, next to Christ the King Church), Makerere University Bookshop, etc. Copies also at Uganda Museum, Bean Cafe (in Kansanga/Bunga), as well as major Hotels in Kampala. Email for more info. Also you can Tweet or Facebook me. Reviews and news stories herehere, here, here, and here. Riveting social media discussions here, here, here, and here  For buyers outside Uganda, I am working with my publisher to get the book online. It will soon be available for ordering online. Will keep you posted

One thought on “Finally…

  1. Please let me know when this book becomes available online my stepfather is very interested in languages and has spent a good deal of time in Africa he would Live this book


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