Reviews of and Stories about ‘UgLish’

As you can imagine, my book has generated a lot of interest, controversy and curiosity in local, international and social media. Enjoy these reviews and stories and tell me what you think by emailing me on, Tweeting or Facebooking me. Call me also on +256 782 658042. You can also LinkedIn me actually. Where to… Continue reading Reviews of and Stories about ‘UgLish’

UgLish now Available Online!

All of you my friends in Outside countries of London, Washington, etc, etc, now you can order the book on, and soon on Amazon, and it will be on your door in 2-5 days,  fresh and not dirtened when it reaches. Only $41.99  paperback. We will also soon have an Ebook. The link is… Continue reading UgLish now Available Online!